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Posted by Tyler Rhodes at 8:00 PM


As I started on this site, it dawned on me that some of the comics may not make a whole lot of sense, and even the entire concept might be confusing to some. So here’s how Castle Vidcons was born and where the ideas began.

Not too long ago I was on a message board over at the Something Awful forums and someone suggested as a joke that I should draw a picture of Shigeru Miyamoto as a King throwing scraps to a PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 as dogs, representing the ‘fight for second place’ that has transpired since the Wii began dominating worldwide sales figures.

Wii King 1 Thumbnail

That resulted in the first image to the right here. I re-worked the idea a little and made the Wii a King, with the DS as his Queen, but the basic idea is the same; the Wii dominates from on high, throwing his table scraps to the wrestling PS3 and XBOX360 while watching on with amusement.

This image is directly referenced later on in the “The Numbers are In” comic, where the Wii once again takes the sales charts by storm leaving the other consoles behind.

Not long afterwards someone mentioned that ‘Castle Vidcons’ was looking a little small and another guy commented that it was obviously the hunting lodge. This is what lead to the second image I did, depicting a hunting trip and involving more consoles, with the PSP as a hunting falcon, the Gameboy as the warhorse, and the Dreamcast as quarry.

Wii King 1 Thumbnail

At this point I thought the idea had potential and began making Castle Vidcons as a series of comic strips, starting with the first comic which leads off after these first two, showing the aftermath of the hunting trip.

For about a month I kept the comics in a thread until I had about 20 or so, and then moved on to putting them on a website. And so here we are!

Hopefully this has given you a slightly better insight into the concept idea behind Castle Vidcons and perhaps shed some light on a few details that seemed previously unfathomable.


If you want to chit-chat with me for any reason, my email is “castlevidcons AT gmail DOT com” or follow me on twitter @CastleVidcons


Fan Feedback

  • these are quite possibly the most idiotic and facile comics ever penciled by someone with asperger’s- Drinky Cow
  • what thfu ck is a vidcon- Kill Krazy Karl
  • Its painfully Nintendo bias- Seraph